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Professional Standard 
Government certification program in Canada.

Raindrop is recognized by the Canadian government -
Human Resources and Social Development Canada

IEWS is proud to announce that it has one of the original nine  
Certified Raindrop trained Instructors in the world taught by D.Gary Young.

Our Raindrop classes are totally based on the latest version as Instructed by the founder D.Gary Young. 

D.Gary Young being the creator of the Raindrop Technique™ wanted to initiate a world standard. In June of 2007, he handpicked a small group of distributors (9) already teaching RAINDROP TECHNIQUE™  from around the world to continue to represent, teach and certify according to his new standard. A few more were later added and certified.

Dr. Sabina DeVita Ed.D., founder of the Canadian Federal approved institution- Institute of Energy Wellness Studies - was the only Canadian chosen to be trained by D. Gary Young in Ecuador as a certified instructor. She introduced this standard into her school program and offers certification for Raindrop Technique™ - as a Professional Standard! 

From Brampton, Ontario CANADA

 Raindrop Certification is currently sponsored by the Institute of Energy Wellness Studies (IEWS) a federally chartered private institution-

Raindrop has been approved & accredited  by the Federal Government of Canada - Human Resources and Social Development making it  the only legal certification program in Canada which offers students full tax benefits, accreditation and liability insurance coverage.

NEW- Addition

Raindrop will be offered as a HOME Version- no certification , no pre-requisites, no cases- just you and your eagerness to learn and help your family

Home version Raindrop will take less time - all in ONE day!

Watch for an upcoming posting or e-mail us!

Raindrop originated in the 1980s based on Dr. Gary Young's research work with essential oils and the fascinating information he learned from a Lakota medicine man named Wallace Black Elk. It's considered to be:
"One of the safest, non-invasive techniques available for spinal health" - Dr.Gary Young

Our Raindrop education classes offers a full hands-on experience. See certification in IEWS section.

 We are also a full-service day spa and offer Raindrop on the premises to our clients.  Our staff and faculty are professionally-trained experts in the latest techniques and products available to our industry. Our service and dedication to our students and clients are unsurpassed.

Voted Best Raindrop Class in the Ontario area in 2008-2012


Dr. Ken Kreiger, D.C. a chiropractor practicing in Scottsdale, Arizona states,
"As a chiropractor, I believe that the dramatic results of RT are enough for me to rewrite the books on scoliosis".


7700 Hurontario St. S. 408, Brampton, On. L6Y4M3 Canada 



Our Center and Day Spa * 7700 Hurontario St. S.409 * Brampton* On *Can. Phone: 905-451-5036

RAINDROP CERTIFICATION! With such a busy schedule ...I didn't get to post this till now....I had to escape for the week (yes sunny south too) so that I could get to a few things that were needing my attention. This was one of them. Will be posting more as well as to what I've been up to over the winter months! I share these few pics of our certification Raindrop class a few weeks ago along with the short feedback video of our time together. My staff and I have finally launched our University site and Raindrop is listed as one of the credit courses......more to come re this. Love to offer the Neuro-Auricular course sometime later this year (original teachings by Gary) - that will be open to all Raindrop participants/graduates! To rising stars into 'diamond-ship' - there is always more to learn! Will be announcing some other workshops coming soon along with business building plans, inclusive of professional account preparations and marketing ideas.