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It's a rough world we live in today. The germs, bacteria and respiratory viruses that surround us have never been stronger or more antibiotic-resistant.

We believe that keeping you healthy-looking means using highly powerful and nutrient rich products that are totally eco-friendly, and eco-green.

Our Thieves line of household cleaning products and personal care products are truly one of a kind- Real Green products.

Visit our Real Green website for more information

Thieves Mouthwash

Thieves Mouthwash is formulated with a revolutionary patented liposome technology (using soy-derived lecithin) that binds the essential oils to the mucus membrane inside the mouth. This enables the essential oils to remain in the mouth for extended periods of time for long-lasting germ-killing and breath-freshening protection.


Thieves® Waterless Hand Purifier is an all-natural hand purifier designed to cleanse and refresh the hands. Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier can be used by adults and children to keep hands clean and promote good hygiene without the use of water. Dermatologist tested. Thieves oil blend.


The revolutionary Thieves® blend contains powerful essential oils that defend and protect. Diffuse throughout the home to improve air quality or apply to the bottom of feet

Le mélange révolutionnaire Thieves® contient des huiles essentielles puissantes qui défendent et protègent. Diffusez-en dans toute la maison pour améliorer la qualité de l'air, ou appliquez-en sur la plante de vos pieds.

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