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Egyptian 2010 trip with G.Young

Egyptian-DNA transformation with essential oils
Egyptian 2010 trip with G.Young
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Documentary Film - The Frankincense Trail

The Great Pyramid- Giza

Young Living Founder and President, Gary Young, along with corporate executives and a group of daring distributors, recently returned from a once-in-a-lifetime adventure across Egypt and Jordan.

The purpose of the trip was to visit the sacred sites as well as to complete the final filming of the Documentary film.

For a number of years, Dr. Gary Young had been researching  the actual trail in which the frankincense, myrrh and other essential oils were traded.

Dr. DeVita Director of IEWS participated in this momentous adventure along with playing the part of a Bedouin in the historic documentary film on the Frankincense Trail that will be released soon in the Fall of 2010.

The Colossal statue of Pinedjem

The group set out from Cairo, traversed the Egyptian landscape, visiting such ancient sites as the Valley of the Kings, Colossi of Memmon, the Karnak Temple, the DenderaTemple, the magnificent Giza Pyramids, and the Great Sphinx.

 Then the group spent 2 days on the set in the Sahara desert filming the (soon to be infamous) documentary.

The distributors were led Inside the Great Pyramid- up the steps to the Queen`s and King's chamber.

Many of the distributors had various life - altering experiences while in the Great Pyramid.

View the highlights of our Egyptian adventure

Leaving Cairo, the group air travelled to Amman Jordan – hopped on a bus for another 3 hours to tour one of the 7th wonders of the world – to Petra Jordan

Camel Caravan On set in the desert

Two full days were spent exploring the ancient city of Petra and learning firsthand the fascinating history and significance of essential oils.

To top it all off, the group took part in the final filming of Gary Young’s upcoming frankincense documentary with a finale of an ancient camel caravan on the Frankincense Trail ending at the Treasury House in Petra.

On the set- in the desert- Dr.DeVita as a Bedouin

Dr.DeVita dressed as a Bedouin

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