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In October 2009 I had the opportunity to attend Dr. Sabina DeVita’s 2 day Neuro-Auricular Technique certification workshop at the Institute of Energy Wellness Studies in Brampton, Ontario.

I had heard about the wonderful benefits of NAT a few years prior so I couldn’t wait to start the training! Not only did I have a great learning experience but I came away feeling competent in my ability to get good results with my clients.

Almost immediately after the plane landed and I returned home, paying clients were lined up waiting for my "How to Clear Your Head & Re-Boot Your Brain" sessions. The results, after 90 days and nearly a hundred clients have been quite rewarding. The main thing clients tell me is that the stress in their lives seems to be reduced and they feel better able to cope with life situations. And they have commented on their overall sense of well-being in the days that follow.

I have accumulated raving verbal, video and written testimonials from people of various backgrounds: a dancer, a dog care specialist, a caseworker, a housewife, a teacher, a businessman, a legal secretary, a pregnant mom, a college instructor, a heavy equipment operator, a retired RCMP officer, a health care aid, a computer geek, a massage therapist, an accountant, a social worker, a few seniors, students, a few holistic practitioners and many more …

The curiosity factor with Neuro-Auricular has surprised me. Practitioners at trade shows have abandoned their tables to watch me work, therapists in other cities have begged for demonstrations, participants have stood in line at health shows waiting for "their turn on the table," I have been interviewed by a journalist at a health expo, had my photo taken by a professional photographer for the lead story reporting a business trade show, and was even included in a local newspaper’s online video.

Thanks Dr. DeVita! Neuro-Auricular Technique is awesome!

Karen Hanna, CCA

Certified Clinical Aromatherapist

IEWS- 905-451-4475

Our Center and Day Spa * 7700 Hurontario St. S.409 * Brampton* On *Can. Phone: 905-451-5036

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