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Global and astronomical changes are occuring NOW!


Be Prepared for these Changing Times!

The times are changing fast - and new ways are needed to assist us through these unprecedented times.
You're living in a spiritually historic era.
No one on Earth is exempt from this evolutionary planetary shift.
As the prophecies unfold, conscious living is needed to facilitate this transition.

 It's no accident you're reading this. You know there is more out there for you and you're most likely feeling compelled to do something about it. 
 Maybe you want to make a difference and at the same time make a living for you and your family.
IEWS offers you an opportunity into the world of 'scentsabilities'- the healing powers of essential oils-and these oils are no ordinary essential oils-  considered today to be the Missing link in holistic healthcare.
The Raindrop, Neuro-Auricular, the one day Preparedness and Dr.Mom-Dr.Pop Oil Drop courses are all designed to meet the many challenges of today and what is to come!

Recent studies indicate that herbs, spices and plant-based essential oils (the aromatic kind) can inhibit the growth of Gram-positive and Gram-negative foodborne bacteria, yeasts and molds. The International Journal of Aromatherapy  stated,  "Lavender Beats Benzodiazepines". Lavender is reported to promote sleep, enhance relaxation, and decrease anxiety.
'Essential oils- the life saver of modern day'.

(In response to emotional trauma our body creates acid (a chemical response).
  1. The acid activates enzymes that write the emotional trauma on our RNA template which is then stored permanently in our DNA.
  2. That emotion unless cleared, becomes a part of us for the rest of our lives and may be passed down to our children)

Our present state of affairs:

With all that is happening with flus, on-going pollutants and possible threats of an H1N1 pandemic,- it is more important to strengthen your immune system and have ways to accelerate healing- be prepared by being able to do Raindrop in your home or practice. This technique is a powerful way to:
  • relieve tension, relieve body pain, reduce fevers immediately, relax, invigorate and boost your immune system, improve attention and concentration, elevate mood and emotions... why? because essential oils are more potent than herbs or supplements!

Are you prepared for the many earth, health, climate and political changes taking place?

Living harmoniously in body, mind and spirit

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