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Gary Young's Mission
Gary Young’s mission began in 1973. Seriously injured in a logging accident, he determined to get his health back.
Gary began studying alternative medicine and was introduced to essential oils. The oils proved a critical piece in Gary’s personal recovery and inspired a multi-year, worldwide search across three continents and a dozen countries to study the historical impact and forgotten knowledge of essential oils.


Gary believed he could produce pure, authentic, superior-quality essential oils, and started cultivating lavender and other herbs in 1989, on a one-quarter-acre plot in Spokane, Washington, US.
He built his first distiller by welding two pressure cookers with copper pipe and began experimenting.
The result: 100% pure essential oil and the beginning of Young Living Essential Oils.

Gary and his wife, Mary, eventually launched their own company to grow, prepare, and bottle therapeutic essential oils. The first Young Living office was in Riverton, Utah, where a small group of employees worked to fulfill the growing demand for essential oil products. Soon, the company’s first stationary distiller was built on land purchased in St. Maries, Idaho, US. The Youngs later purchased more than 2,000 acres in Utah and Simiane-la-Rotande, France.

Still, the growing demand for mass quantities and different varieties of oils eventually required Gary to build partnerships with other suppliers. These efforts created the unmatched global network of essential oil expertise that is the modern Young Living. Today, Young Living ships essential oil products to hundreds of thousands of members around the world.

Dr. Gary Young- Founder and Master Grower, Distiller, and Developer in the World of Essential Oils.

Click here to View Gary Young in search of Frankincense -



D.Gary Young on his Ecuadorian farm in Guayaquil.

Watch the journey into the Amazon- Jungle in search of the precious oils

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