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IEWS (Institute of Energy Wellness Studies) teaches The New Standard in RAINDROP TECHNIQUE™ –

  • Learn the masterful way to heal body-mind and spirit.
  • Receive training in the new standard from the only Federal Approved and certified Raindrop program in Canada!
  • This technique is ideal for mothers, fathers, spouses and friends to practice on each other and help bring health for everyone.  Many medical professionals, including chiropractors, massage therapists, osteopaths, reflexologists, and certified aromatherapists /certified integrated aromatic practitioners have adopted Raindrop and VitaFlex techniques as an outstanding resource in their practices.

Workshop Requirements for Certification
Students are required to complete 40 hours of non-class practicums along with a return demo and test - 4 hours.
In-class hours - 25
Total hours 69.

This will entitle the student to obtain a Professional Standard Raindrop Technique Practitioner (PSRTP) certificate.
This program enables one to legally practice Raindrop throughout Canada and many States in the U.S. and to qualify to purchase liability insurance.
Students will receive training in Professional Ethics & Practices, Client and aromatic sciences consulting and client informed consent so as to practice legally and professionally.

Our program is affiliated with the Institute of Energy Wellness Studies ( www.energywellnessstudies.com)  which was established to provide efficient, expert teaching to professionals, the general public and individuals. Raindrop education programs provide Canadians certification. 
This certification in Raindrop  is recognized by the Canadian government - Human Resources and Social Development Canada making this program the only legal government certification program in Canada.


  Our Goals:
  • To provide the best education possible.
  • To make each student feel cherished and appreciated.
  • To promote an opportunity for students to help their community for the greater good.

Raindrop Certification
Become a Professionally Certified Raindrop Technique Practitioner

*Ask about our Raindrop class in your area!

We will travel to you!


Complete New & Updated (2007) Standard Raindrop Technique® & Emotional Release
Applied Vita Flex (Reflexology)
Basic Chemistry of Essential Oils and how they work,

1.    History of Gary Young & Young Living Oils,
2.     New Ecuadorian Oils and the Creation of Raindrop Technique®,
3.     The Fundamentals of Aromatic Sciences,
4.     Fundamental Quantum Theories,
5.     Brief History of Essential Oils,
6.     Prosperity Technique (attracting abundance)
7.     The Latest D.Gary Young's 2007 version that is now the new standard for Raindrop supporting structural alignment along with emotional and electrical balance. 

Our Center and Day Spa * 7700 Hurontario St. S.409 * Brampton* On *Can. Phone: 905-451-5036

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